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Richard Grenell gay

Trump’s first openly gay cabinet member wants to stop sharing intelligence with countries where it’s illegal to be gay

Trump ambassador Richard Grenell is facing scrutiny

Gay Trump official Richard Grenell under fire over ties to Hungary’s far-right, homophobic government

Richard Grenell

Conservatives are already terrified Trump’s first openly gay cabinet member will work to ‘impose’ homosexuality

Donald Trump just appointed his first openly gay cabinet member

Richard Grenell, US ambassador to Germany

Gay US ambassador claims Pete Buttigieg is pushing Pence ‘hate hoax’

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Florida International University on February 18, 2019 in Miami, Florida. President Trump spoke about the ongoing crisis in Venezuela

Trump administration plans to decriminalise homosexuality across the world

Trump considers gay conservative Richard Grenell for UN Ambassador

Trump’s only out Ambassador Richard Grenell under fire after vow to ’empower’ Europe’s far-right

US Vice President Mike Pence swears in openly gay official Richard Grenell despite anti-LGBT track record

The Trump administration has focused fire on LGBT+ rights

Donald Trump appoints out gay man Richard Grenell to major diplomatic role

Is Donald Trump about to appoint a gay Ambassador?

Mitt Romney says he wanted gay spokesperson to remain

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