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queer doulas

This group of queer doulas is helping trans and non-binary parents feel seen and affirmed while giving birth

at home insemination kit

Same-sex couple give birth three days apart after thinking an at-home insemination kit wouldn’t work

Lesbian becomes ‘coming out coach’ to help others leave the closet

This lesbian hid her sexuality for a decade. Now, she’s a ‘coming out coach’ to help others like her leave the closet

Prostate cancer

Gay dad shares the beautiful but heartbreaking message he’d give his own father if he was still alive today

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black and son Robbie

Dustin Lance Black says he and husband Tom Daley are raising their son without ‘bizarre limits’ on gender

lesbian best friend sperm donor

A man donated sperm to his lesbian best friend years before he met his girlfriend. Suddenly, she’s jealous


Mother says the hardest part of having a non-binary child is the ’emotional labour’ of dealing with other people’s ignorance

gender reveal party

Mum flips the script on gender reveal parties with tender, heartwarming celebration of her trans daughter’s true self

Anderson Cooper shared snapshot of he and his baby boy, Wyatt, together in a heartfelt Instagram post. (Instagram)

Anderson Cooper’s candid reason for asking his ex-boyfriend to co-parent his son is an emotional gut-punch

Straight man thinks his baby is gay because he likes flowers. Yes, really

This dad thinks his infant child is gay because he likes flowers and bananas. Toxic masculinity has reached new heights

Sir Elton John

Elton John congratulated Anderson Cooper on officially becoming a daddy with the sweetest phone call

lesbian couple pregnant Facebook sperm donor

Lesbian couple defy the odds and both become pregnant at the same time after finding a sperm donor on Facebook

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