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Trump ambassador Richard Grenell is facing scrutiny

Gay former Trump official says seeking equal LGBT+ representation in politics is ‘dangerous and offensive’ in bizarre rant

pan-African Pride

First-ever pan-African Pride will celebrate the ‘bustling, multi-layered, chaotically explosive reservoir’ of queer Africans

The policy could lead to discrimination against every woman deemed not to 'look' like a woman

Butch cis women could be turned away from homeless shelters under Trump administration’s proposed anti-trans rules

Twitch LGBT

Twitch said the G in LGBT+ ‘also stands for gamer’ and you can imagine just how well that went

The men have both been jailed for two years

Two men jailed under Tunisia’s archaic sodomy laws after refusing torturous, debunked anal probes to ‘check their sexuality’

High School Musical character Ryan Evans

High School Musical creator confirms fan favourite Ryan is gay and explains why he didn’t come out in the movies

Kyiv Pride activists used a drone to carry a giant rainbow flag to the top of the controversial Soviet-era Motherland Monument

LGBT+ activists in Kyiv use drones to transform an old, controversial Soviet monument into a powerful symbol of equality

Gerald Bostock speaks to demonstrators in favour of LGBT rights rally outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, October 8, 2019

Sole surviving plaintiff at the centre of the Supreme Court’s seismic LGBT+ ruling warns there’s still ‘a long way to go’

British Museum LGBT+ artefacts

British Museum adds five priceless LGBT+ artefacts to its collection to improve diversity

Andrzej Duda Poland LGBT

Poland’s ragingly homophobic president claims he had a ‘constructive’ meeting with an LGBT+ activist. The activist tells a different story

Anti-LGBT preacher Franklin Graham of Samaritan's Purse

Anti-LGBT+ evangelist Franklin Graham says the right to fire people for being LGBT+ is a ‘freedom our nation was founded on’

brighton hove lgbt inclusive sex education

UK’s gayest city, Brighton, to teach primary school kids extra LGBT-inclusive sex education on top of compulsory curriculum

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