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David Schwimmer Intelligence

Friends star David Schwimmer plays ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ NSA agent in new comedy

jair bolsonaro homophobic

Brazilian football fans put aside fierce, century-old rivalry to protest ‘homophobic, racist’ president Jair Bolsonaro

homophobic comic book

‘Graphic’ homophobic comic book described as ‘the most horrifying thing ever’ posted through unwitting locals’ front doors

Jersey Police

Police officer reprimanded after being caught on video calling youths ‘little f****ts’ – but will keep his job

Trump hate groups Donald Trump Gregory T Angelo

Calling Donald Trump homophobic is ‘as offensive as the n word’, claims ‘old-fashioned Democrat’. Yes, really

Nazi flag Black Lives Matter

Vile bigot who flew Nazi flag to show his ‘total opposition Black Lives Matter and the gays’ says he was attacked by vigilantes

Police homophobic terrorist neo-nazi National Action

Police officer charged with being a member of banned homophobic, racist, neo-Nazi terrorist organisation

Trump hate groups Donald Trump Gregory T Angelo

Donald Trump gives millions in COVID relief funds to anti-LGBT+ hate groups and homophobic televangelists

Piers Morgan Wife

Journalist who called trans healthcare ‘insanity’ thinks banning homophobia, racism and transphobia from Scrabble is ‘virtue signalling’

Gay venues Banana Cafe and Cox were both targeted

Homophobic thugs spray-paint swastikas onto Paris gay bars in ‘extremely worrying act of hate’

Queer woman allegedly put in chokehold and told ‘I’ll kill you f****t’ by a man 25 years her senior, all because he didn’t like her driving

The Last of Us Part II: Homophobic cult may have been just a rumour

The Last of Us Part II director sent ‘transphobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic’ abuse in response to controversial sequel

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