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at home insemination kit

Same-sex couple give birth three days apart after thinking an at-home insemination kit wouldn’t work

Shane Cullinan, a bartender at a Florida queer bar, was spat at for reprimanding a patron for not wearing a mask. (Screen capture via 7 News/Facebook)

Gay bartender spat on simply for asking an odious customer to wear a face mask. This is Trump’s America

Orlando Florida Pulse nightclub mass shooting

Gun violence disproportionately affects the LGBT+ community, says shock report released on anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting

Tony McDade: Florida police shoot and kill Black trans man

Justice for Tony McDade one step closer as police union loses bid to keep his killer anonymous

Tony McDade: Florida police shoot and kill Black trans man

Eyewitness reports completely contradict what the police is saying about the death of Black trans man Tony McDade

pulse nightclub shooting memorial

Memorial to the tragic victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre defaced by white supremacist hate group

ADF is trying to disqualify the judge

A Florida court just ditched vital LGBT+ discriminations protections right in the middle of a global pandemic

Ricardo Filmore Parliament House Orlando Florida gay

Man arrested as historic queer resort mourns ‘incredible’ staff member shot dead in one of its hotel rooms

make america straight again

Make America Straight Again pastor says if he dies of coronavirus from going to church it will be ‘worth it’

non-binary coronavirus victim

This non-binary coronavirus victim kept a heartbreaking public journal of their illness until their death

Winter Party

Gay classical pianist becomes third guest of controversial Miami beach Winter Party to die of coronavirus

'Out and proud' gay police officer dies after battle with coronavirus

Police chief suspended after claiming officer and ‘protector of the LGBT+ community’ died of coronavirus ‘because he was gay’

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