Equality Act 2010

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Scottish government emphatically states ‘trans women are women’ in new guidance on gender representation

Conversion therapy: Majority of Britons want traumatising practice banned

There’s a simple truth trans people everywhere want Liz Truss to know: ‘We simply want to live and exist without being scared’

Safe Schools Alliance is trying to bring anti-trans bathroom bills to the UK

Meet the Safe Schools Alliance, who want to ban trans kids from bathrooms and redefine what an LGBT+ hate crime is

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price wants to ‘devise a law’ to keep trans women out of women-only spaces

Puberty blockers: Families of trans teens fear outcome of legal challenge transphobic attack

This is what you need to know about the potential High Court case over trans kids using bathrooms

John Lewis

‘Feminist’ thinks John Lewis ‘hates women’ because it allows people to choose a changing room that matches their gender

Trans teen to sue school after being told his transition was ‘just a phase’

Trans rights first to be investigated by new Equalities Committee

Government report shows equalising pensions for gay couples could cost £2.9 billion

Secular Society: Wedding stationer who refuses to serve gays should be ‘prosecuted’

Peter Tatchell: I hope the anti-gay Jehovah’s Witness wedding stationer is challenged

UKIP Councillor: We don’t need ‘iron fist’ equality laws to protect gays from discrimination

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