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An American late night talk show parodied "Jolene", by Dolly Parton and made it all about "Karens". (Screen capture via YouTube)

Hilarious Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’ video urges Karens to ‘please just wear a mask’

Around 23 LGBT+ people in Uganda were whipped by officials before being chained and walked to the police station, disturbing footage shows. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Ugandan authorities slapped with mammoth lawsuit after police chained and ‘tortured’ 20 homeless queer folk

Glory hole Canada coronavirus COVID-19

Canadians told in no uncertain terms: Use glory holes for safe, socially-distanced hook-ups

UK Black Pride postponed coronavirus

UK Black Pride will go ahead this year – as a virtual 15th birthday homecoming celebration

jair bolsonaro homophobic

Brazilian football fans put aside fierce, century-old rivalry to protest ‘homophobic, racist’ president Jair Bolsonaro

Richard Rose, of Ohio, US, posted transphobic memes as well as claiming that the coronavirus pandemic was just 'hype'. (Facebook)

Transphobic, Trump-supporting anti-masker dies of coronavirus after dismissing the pandemic as a ‘load of hype’


Durex’s new ad isn’t just queer inclusive, it has an incredibly poignant message about sex in the age of coronavirus

Darren Grimes, a gay British political commentator, launched a safe space-type group for, he billed, castaways called "homophobic" and "racist". (Screen capture via Twitter)

Gay conservative pundit Darren Grimes would rather see people smile than help save lives by wearing a face mask

Protesters packed the drive-thru Burger King in Santa Monica, California, following the death of a trans staffer. (Twitter)

Burger King workers stage strike after trans co-worker dies while working with COVID-19 symptoms

coronavirus sex confession

Terrifying coronavirus psychosis made a straight-identifying man confess to his wife that he’d had sex with men

Coronavirus information group rebrands to spread racist, homophobic hate

Coronavirus information group rebrands as sinister ‘free speech’ cesspit to spread racist, homophobic and transphobic hate

HIV treatment AIDS

The fight against HIV could be ‘set back 10 years or more’ thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

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