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Canada Lesbian couple videographer

A lesbian couple were rudely rejected by a wedding videographer because they’re gay. So the community did something about it

Canada hate mail pride flag

Cowardly homophobe sends anonymous hate mail to mum of gay teen for flying ‘sick’ Pride flag in her yard

Transgender refugee who fled to Canada forced to claim asylum as a man

A trans refugee who fled persecution to seek safety in Canada has been forced to claim asylum as a man

Cars packed a road in Emo, Ontario, Canada, as part of an Pride 'ambush' after town officials asked why there is no 'Straight Pride'. (Borderland Pride)

Town officials refused to recognise Pride Month because it didn’t include ‘Straight Pride’. So locals got creative

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to Canadian Ambassador to Russia Alison LeClaire

Russian lawmakers and Putin allies want Canadian ambassador to ‘burn in hell’ for ‘promoting LGBT+ agenda’

Junia Joplin: Transgender pastor shares her 'risky truth' with her church

This is how a transgender Baptist pastor bravely shared her ‘big, risky truth’ with her church

Trans woman Lara Rae

Trans woman ‘karate-chopped’ by abusive drunk cis women in horrific transphobic attack in public bathroom

Canada mueum of human rights LGBT censor

Horrified staff at human rights museum say they were forced to censor LGBT+ displays for religious visitors

all lives matter Mayor of West Lincoln, Ontario, David Bylsma

‘All lives matter’ mayor claims the LGBT+ Pride flag has made society ‘more violent’

The school board was accused of 'crucifying Jesus

Catholic homophobes claim that flying a rainbow flag during Pride Month is the same as literally crucifying Jesus

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waves to the crowd as he marches in the Pride Parade in Toronto, June 25, 2017. (GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Canada announces memorial to the thousands of LGBT+ people persecuted and purged by officials over five decades

Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr coronavirus covid-19 Pride flag

Iraqi leader who blames coronavirus on same-sex marriage demands Islamic flag is raised across UK and EU to counter-protest Pride flag

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