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The ad sees a gay couple adopting a little boy who is distraught at not having a mother

Vladimir Putin allies release sickeningly homophobic campaign ad attacking gay parents to manipulate voters

The school board was accused of 'crucifying Jesus

Catholic homophobes claim that flying a rainbow flag during Pride Month is the same as literally crucifying Jesus

Police investigate cop for homophobic slur at Black Lives Matter protest

To the surprise of nobody, police going head-to-head with Black Lives Matter protesters have been caught on camera using homophobic slurs

Catholic League president Bill Donohue

Anti-LGBT+ Catholic activists just found out what a ‘glory hole’ is and they are not OK

Anti-gay preacher David Benham is attempting to make the least welcome comeback of 2020

This homophobic preacher and failed TV host risked spreading coronavirus to protest an abortion clinic

Pastor Tony Spell has refused to close down Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Pastor who thinks homosexuality is evil and Jesus will save him from coronavirus could face jail for holding church services

Anti-LGBT preacher Franklin Graham of Samaritan's Purse

Franklin Graham is forcing coronavirus relief volunteers to agree that gays face ‘eternal damnation’

Jack County District Judge Brian Keith Umphress filed a lawsuit against the State Commission on Judicial Conduct

Judge compares gay people to paedophiles as he sues for the right to be a homophobe in public

Mark Steyn is somehow even worse than Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh took a day off, and his replacement wasted no time blaming ‘the gays’ for coronavirus lockdown

Caroline Farrow: NHS rainbow lanyards are 'deeply misogynistic'

Anti-gay, anti-trans activist Caroline Farrow thinks NHS rainbow lanyards are a ‘hostile political symbol’

The effigy was burned town of Imotski, Croatia

Frenzied mob cheers on as effigy of kissing gay couple and their child is burned to a cinder

Thousands of gay people are being forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Iran for a vile reason

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