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God's own country

God’s Own Country director says a distributor – not Amazon – ‘butchered’ the film’s gay sex scenes ‘to make more money’

LGBT movies. Shot from God's Own Country photo.

God’s Own Country director calls for Amazon boycott after the film’s gay sex scenes are censored


After the lockdown forced it to shut its doors, this gay bar is stepping up to feed frontline workers

Why is LGBT leadership in STEM fields so important?

Why do we need LGBT leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

Why is LGBT leadership in STEM fields so important?

This is why queer graduates’ identities are their ‘superpowers’

Tennessee law banning LGBT couples from adoption slammed by Nike

Nearly 150 companies, including Nike and Amazon, oppose law banning LGBT couples adopting children

Amazon swiftly removed the 'anti-Pride' eye mask for failing to meet company guidelines. (Amazon)

An Amazon seller was flogging ‘anti-Pride’ eye masks and we’re so tired of this

LGBT Leaders

2020’s LGBT Leaders STEM is almost here… Apply now and get STEM-ulated!

Facial recognition software can’t identify trans people, according to science

Chace Crawford turned a lot of heads with the photoshoot

Chace Crawford speaks about photoshoot for superhero show The Boys that left very little to the imagination

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron

Brazilian ambassador aims thinly-veiled ‘homophobia’ at Emmanuel Macron in scathing attack

Amazon vans lined up

Republican group wants Amazon to resume selling ‘gay conversion’ books

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