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Parents throw heart-warming, belated gender reveal party for trans son

Parents throw heart-warming gender reveal party for trans son, 17 years after they ‘got it wrong’

Gender reveal party

Mum throws second gender reveal party after her daughter comes out as trans and it’s the definition of great parenting

evangelical lesbian daughter

Bestselling Christian author reveals her daughter is gay and she’s a proud ally. Evangelicals, surprisingly, aren’t happy about it

British author and screenwriter JK Rowling

Parents of trans kids reject JK Rowling’s ‘offensive’ suggestion that supporting their children means supporting conversion therapy

Bisexual wedding

A mother set aside $20,000 for her bisexual daughter’s wedding. When she got engaged to another woman, she refused to help

queer doulas

This group of queer doulas is helping trans and non-binary parents feel seen and affirmed while giving birth

at home insemination kit

Same-sex couple give birth three days apart after thinking an at-home insemination kit wouldn’t work

Gender-reveal party inventor says she regrets creating 'a monster'

Inventor of the gender reveal party regrets ‘creating a monster’ now that she’s mother to a gender non-conforming kid

Barbie same-sex wedding

Young girls throw adorable same-sex wedding for their Barbie dolls, officiated by Geri Halliwell, and it’s the definition of parenting done right

Prostate cancer

Gay dad shares the beautiful but heartbreaking message he’d give his own father if he was still alive today

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black and son Robbie

Dustin Lance Black says he and husband Tom Daley are raising their son without ‘bizarre limits’ on gender

lesbian best friend sperm donor

A man donated sperm to his lesbian best friend years before he met his girlfriend. Suddenly, she’s jealous

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