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Brennan Gregg came out to his parents in the most ingenious way. (Screen captures via TikTok)

This guy came out to his parents during family game night in the most ingenious way and if it doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, nothing will

As LGBT+ Pride Months closes, a new hero in the form of Post Office comms employee 'Courney' has emerged and she is effortless in fending homophobes off. (Twitter/PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Post Office icon known only as ‘Courtney’ has spent the past few days eviscerating hateful homophobes on Twitter

Comedian Nick Lehmann gave viewers a hard-case of second-hand embarrassment in his story for Comedy Central. (Screen capture via YouTube)

This guy’s dad thought their house was being robbed. It was actually just his son’s hook-up

Neil Gorsuch, who dealt a blowback to his conservative allies by backing a pro-LGBT+ ruling, has attracted a new following: Queer men with Redbubble accounts. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Redbubble)

‘Gay for Gorsuch’ T-shirts are, regrettably, a very real thing after the Trump-appointed judge’s momentous Supreme Court ruling

Someone made a fake Grindr profile of Dominic Cimmungs because of course they did. (Jonathan Brady-WPA Poo/Leon Neal/Getty Images/Twitter)

Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip to Durham is now a hilarious Grindr meme and it’s honestly kind of beautiful

After months of sheltering in their homes, Gary Whiting (L) took Richard Earley (R) on "holiday" to Athens, Greece. (Instagram)

This gay couple’s holiday was harpooned by coronavirus – so they had an ingenious trip to Athens from the comfort of their couch


The iconic TikTok of a girl dramatically confronting her gay best friend for sleeping with her boyfriend is fake

Straight man thinks any guy who has too much sex with women must be ‘undercover gay’ and toxic masculinity just ate itself

A gay guy's mum, after being told "bussy" meant "boy", innocently used her new favourite word in some emails. (Twitter)

Gay guy tells his mum ‘bussy’ means ‘boy’ and the result is everything you’d expect

Reddit: lesbian aunt

Lesbian reads her homophobic aunt to high filth after being relentlessly condemned for forsaking the Bible

Mike Pence tweeted about a horse and it got weird. (Twitter)

It’s three years since Mike Pence said he wanted a horse ‘inside’ him and if we have to remember then so do you

Glee and Sarah Jessica Parker butchering 'Let's Have A Kiki' goes viral

The internet just remembered the horror that was Glee and Sarah Jessica Parker butchering ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’

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