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DC Comics character King Shark (L, by the way) used to top John Constantine. Yes, really. (Screen captures via Twitter)

A DC Comics superhero bottomed for a mutant shark and it’s officially been declared as canon

Kaley Cuoco, who voices Harley Quinn in the titular cartoon series, has teased her character's blossoming relationship with Poison Ivy. (Screen capture via YouTube/DC Universe)

Kaley Cuoco reveals Harley Quinn ‘is gonna need calamine lotion’ as steamy queer romance blooms with Poison Ivy

Ezra Miller's role in the upcoming 2022 movie The Flash is in jeopardy, a source close to Warner Bros has claimed, after the star was caught 'choking' a fan at a bar in Iceland. (Warner Bros/Screen capture via Twitter)

The Flash movie may now get cancelled after shocking viral video of Ezra Miller grabbing a fan by the throat

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the animated series

Harley Quinn animated series will finally feature her queer romance with Poison Ivy

The new Batman adaptation features a gay Alfred

Batman reboot stars a ‘fabulous’ gay Alfred and a Chinese-American Bruce Wayne

Immortal Hulk: Star of Marvel comics series comes out as trans

Star of Marvel’s Immortal Hulk comes out as trans, proving once again the comics are more inclusive than the films

Marvel Comics announces its first non-binary superhero, Snowflake

Marvel reveals its first non-binary superhero, Snowflake, and the backlash is blistering

Birds of Prey confirms the sexuality of Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey confirms that Harley Quinn is bisexual in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment

Marvel: X-Men mutants are appearing as guest judges on Drag Race

Meanwhile, in the Marvel universe, X-Men mutants are appearing as guest judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race

The Eternals

Marvel’s first openly gay superhero has finally been revealed in new trailer for The Eternals

Rebekah Bruesehoff was turned into a Marvel comic book

Marvel turns transgender 12-year-old into comic book superhero, and we love it 3,000

Batwoman and Reagan

Batwoman aired a lesbian sex scene showing ‘queer woman kissing in bed without tank tops’ and it’s quite literally gay rights

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