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Perez Hilton regrets ‘thinking it was OK’ to force gay stars out of the closet and being ‘super petty’ to Ariana Grande

‘Nazism would never have been defeated’ without a group of courageous queer MPs who risked it all to warn Britain of Hitler

Mariah Carey discovers new levels of shade while dismissing Jennifer Lopez and her billionaire ex-fiancé

Hundreds more literary figures sign powerful letter of support to trans and non-binary people. JK Rowling still yet to add her name

Call Me by Your Name

Armie Hammer teases Call Me by Your Name sequel while admitting he hasn’t even read the book yet

Non-binary, Muslim drag queen Amrou Al-Kadhi

How a marine fish tank helped non-binary drag queen Amrou Al-Kadhi embrace their gender: ‘It seemed so damn woke in the ocean’

Tory MP Danny Kruger compares trans healthcare to Alice in Wonderland

A Tory MP – yes, an actual elected politician – just compared healthcare for vulnerable trans kids to Alice in Wonderland

Matthew Paul Turner with wife Jessica, and their three children

A bestselling evangelical Christian author just came out as gay while announcing his divorce from his wife

(L-r) American socialite Mary Trump, her son, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump. (Davidoff Studios/Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s niece Mary felt unable to come out after her grandmother called Elton John a ‘f****t’

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal with Bloomsbury

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal for a gender manifesto ‘for all of us’

British author and screenwriter JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s book sales are dwindling behind an industry-wide surge amid rampant transphobia row

An extract from Juno Roche's new book 'Gender Explorers'

Acclaimed trans author Juno Roche is telling the vital stories of young ‘gender explorers’ – and it’s time we all listened

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