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Trans man forced to endure horrific conditions in women’s prison explains why it’s vital we start reinvesting in inmates

After local florist refuses gay wedding, town decides to end discrimination

A small-town florist ‘refused’ to make bouquets for a gay wedding. So the town decided to end discrimination once and for all

International Gay Rugby slams proposed ban on trans women in sport

World Rugby’s alleged plan to completely ban trans women dubbed ‘irrational’ and ‘lacking evidence’ by charity

Billy Porter Black Lives Matter racism

Billy Porter eviscerates ‘con artist’ Donald Trump for causing an American ‘genocide’ with his white privilege

Three 'gender-neutral' Gucci models, all are thin and androgynous

Gucci just dropped its first-ever non-binary collection shot entirely on ‘gender-neutral models’ – but there’s a catch

Nadia Whittome: Fetishising 'debate' about trans lives just stokes hate

Labour MP Nadia Whittome expertly explains why ‘fetishising debate’ around trans rights rolls back equality and inflames hate

Erin Parisi wants to fly the trans Pride flag from the top of Mount Everest

Meet the trailblazing transgender mountain climber who wants to fly the trans Pride flag from the top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world

News website apologises to JK Rowling for suggesting she is 'transphobic'

Teen news site apologises to JK Rowling for ‘suggesting she’s transphobic’ and urging readers to boycott her work

Reni-Eddo Lodge and Emma Watson

Emma Watson and bestselling author Reni Eddo-Lodge are redesigning the Tube map to celebrate women and non-binary Londoners

Tory MP Danny Kruger compares trans healthcare to Alice in Wonderland

A Tory MP – yes, an actual elected politician – just compared healthcare for vulnerable trans kids to Alice in Wonderland

Gender Recognition Act: The history of the Tories and UK gender laws

Gender Recognition Act reform was never meant to be about bathrooms or healthcare for trans people. So how did it get this toxic?

Nadia Whittome: Tories have sparked 'populist hate' against trans people

Labour’s Nadia Whittome condemns Liz Truss for ‘fanning the flames of populist hate’ against trans people

Inclusive sex education overwhelmingly benefits children, says expert

Leading human rights expert sets the record straight on LGBT-inclusive sex education as hateful campaigns ‘multiply’

The Eve Appeal stands with trans people – and receives barrage of abuse

Gynaecological cancer charity condemns transphobes taking ‘ownership’ of cancer – and receives barrage of, yes, transphobic abuse

Transgender woman launches historic bid for public office in Romania

First-ever trans woman to run for office in Romania vows to make life better for women, sex workers and the Roma community

House of Tulip to open the first shelter for homeless transgender people

First-ever homeless shelter for transgender Americans set to open in New Orleans

Pentagon bans Confederate and Pride flags from flying at military bases

The Pentagon just banned Confederate and Pride flags from flying at military bases

Gender Recognition Act: Disney and Sky urge Tories to honour reform plan

Boris Johnson appears to confirm the Tories are kicking Gender Recognition Act reform into the long grass – again


Grassroots campaign raises over $250,000 to build neighbourhood of ‘tiny homes’ for Black trans women

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal with Bloomsbury

Munroe Bergdorf signs historic six-figure book deal for a gender manifesto ‘for all of us’

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