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Late writer of the beloved Pokémon anime believed one of the show’s iconic characters was actually queer

Josh Milton July 6, 2020
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A professor in the Pokémon anime series was a lesbian, a late former screenwriter of the show has claimed. (Pokémon)

A professor in the Pokémon anime series was a lesbian, a late former screenwriter of the show has claimed. (Pokémon)

Brock has remained a constant in the Pokémon anime series as one of Ash Ketchum’s travel companions, but one of the hit anime show’s writers has hinted at a possible LGBT+ plot twist about his life.

The 15-year-old Pokémon breeder and former Pewter Gym Leader is known for many things. Cooking food. An intense fascination with rocks with arms. Singing disturbingly intense love songs towards police officers and healthcare workers.

But in a book penned by one of the original screenwriters of the Orange Islands chapter of the first series, Takeshi Shudo, believed that Professor Ivy was a lesbian.

Pokémon Professor Ivy was a lesbian, says original screenwriter. 

As much as Brock’s many, many attempts to woo women were often played for laughs, what happened between Ivy and Brock was never quite explained.

Brock briefly left the show during the Orange Islands saga to work for Ivy on Valencia Island, during which something happened between the pair which proved so devastating for the trainer that whenever Ivy’s name was mentioned, later on, he would only huddle and lie in the fetal position vaguely muttering “that name”.

In Pocket Monsters: The Animation, Shudo wrote that believed that it was Ivy’s sexuality that sent Brock into despair as it meant he would never get the chance to be with her. Fans across an array of reddit boards have long speculated what happened between the pair, with no canon explanation actually given within the show.

Some have suggested Ivy was simply not interested, had a partner or was married. Others have even provided in-depth analyses of Brock’s apparent commitmentphobia.

That, or queer women do exist. What a concept!

Fans were, of course, euphoric at the news that Ivy may have been lesbian as she was elevated from the ranks of the lowly heterosexual to lesbian, “the most powerful” of human beings, as one user said.

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