Gay trans teen mocked on the street while cis woman laughs and points at his crotch in hate-filled, disturbing video

Patrick Kelleher June 23, 2020
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Anti-trans incident Fairfax California Jasper Lauter

Screenshots from a video posted to Twitter by Jasper Lauter showing anti-trans abuse (Twitter)

Gay trans man Jasper Lauter has shared a video of the horrific moment when two cisgender people verbally assaulted him in a hate-filled, transphobic incident in California.

Lauter, who lives in Fairfax, California, was putting rainbow flags up around his hometown on June 20 when he noticed a bake sale benefiting the Black Lives Matter movement had attracted negative attention.

When Lauter noticed that a male and a female were giving a hard time to the volunteers, he decided to intervene.

But the couple quickly leapt on Lauter’s gender identity and began to mock and laugh at him.

Trans gay teen Jasper Lauter was asked what genitals he was born with in harrowing California incident.

The incident was recorded by a friend, and Lauter later uploaded the footage to Twitter in an effort to help police find the couple.

In the video, the man and the woman can be heard verbally abusing Lauter. When Lauter told them they were being transphobic to a trans person, the woman began to walk towards him, pointed at his genitals, and said: “What genitals were you born with?”

You look like a female. There’s only two, male and female – that’s it.

“That’s none of your f**king business,” Lauter replied.

“You look like a female!” the woman shouted. “You look like a female. There’s only two, male and female – that’s it.”

The video ended when the male aggressor realised the incident was being filmed and stepped in front of the camera to prevent them from filming any more.

Police have identified the man and the woman involved in the incident.

Lauter told ABC7 News that the incident was “incredibly traumatic”.

“They continued to call me ‘lady’ and ‘sweetheart’ even though I said, ‘Look, I’m a man.’ She continued to point at my crotch and laugh at me,” the 17-year-old said.

Police have since identified the man and the woman and they are investigating the incident. It is currently being categorised as a verbal assault, with police yet to determine if it will be treated as a hate crime.

“We need to stop pushing it under the rug and turning our heads away. That was my main goal with spreading it as far and wide as it’s gotten,” Lauter said of the incident.

“The most important thing is people need to realise and ask themselves, ‘What can I do to be better?’ I need someone to stand up. If you don’t stand up when that’s happening when the person being attacked isn’t there, it’s just going to continue.”



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