The iconic TikTok of a girl dramatically confronting her gay best friend for sleeping with her boyfriend is fake

Patrick Kelleher May 21, 2020
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The "Put a Finger Down Challenge" took an unexpected turn. (TikTok)

We come to you today with some very sad news: the iconic TikTok of a girl confronting her gay best friend for having sex with her boyfriend is fake.

It’s probably not the most surprising news – it did seem too good to be true.

But to give the university students who made it some credit, they did an impressive job of creating a dramatic arc for the short-but-sweet clip.

The TikTok user who posted the original video confirmed that it was, in fact, entirely faked in a subsequent clip posted to the platform.

In the follow-up TikTok, she shows a screenshot of the original PinkNews story about the viral clip with a voiceover that warns viewers that it’s a “scam”.

“Sorry to break some hearts, pure clout chasing,” she captioned the video.

The group of friends went viral with their ‘fake’ but iconic TikTok video.

The students became a viral sensation when TikTok user @allyvlogs1 shared a video of her friends group apparently being torn apart by cheating allegations.

The TikTok garnered more than 25,000 likes and ran rampant across the internet as people gleefully watched the drama unfold.

The original clip shows a group of five university friends playing the “Put a Finger Down Challenge”, which is similar to the game “Never Have I Ever”.

Sorry to break some hearts, pure clout chasing.

The questions start innocently enough. Members of the group say “put a finger down if you’ve ever been drunk”, “put a finger down if you’ve ever worn a crusty sock” and “put a finger down if you’ve ever been outside of Europe”.


Sorry to break some hearts, pure clout chasing #fyp #xyzbca #heretheycome #differentpeople #quarantine #houseoftiktok

♬ ginger barclays gal scams every1 – jordeaves

But for the fourth question, one girl seizes the moment and says: “Put a finger down if one of your best friends slept with your boyfriend and the rest of your friends didn’t tell you about it for over six months.”

The clip might be fake, but it’s still comedy gold.

There is a moment of awkward silence as the friends all turn and look at each other, before the only boy in the group shouts: “Who the f**k told her?”

They all begin screaming at each other, as the girl who was cheated on storms out of the room.

After more shouting and stomping around, one of the group keeps recording the TikTok outside the door to a room while the girl and her gay best friend scream at each other inside.

He yells, in an incredible finale: “It’s not my fault that your boyfriend prefers me over you.

“And it’s not my fault that your boyfriend is GAY!”

Now we just need the feature-length film adaptation of the incredible drama to keep us going.

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